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Dear visitor and supporter. Thank you so much for stopping by!

We are raising funds to finance a new development for mobile mapping for the documentation of art work: 

The "DiVisual® Art-Mapper"

For more than a decade we delivered the DiVisual® Mapping System, a highly appreciated tool for fine art and cultural heritage documentation. Until today DiVisual® Mapping System is a cross platform desktop software running as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop. Since mobility has become such an important issue it is time to move on...

We are planning to develop an independet application for iOS (target: iPads) and Android tablet computers. With building our own App users will gain more felxibility (no restrictions because of Photoshop anymore) , will experience a much more intuitive way of mapping art works and most of all  will be able to work on mobile devices - finally!

To reach this higly anticipated goal we need your help and support!

We are looking for founding members and donators from around the world. With your support we hope to raise enough funds to hire a team of skilled iOS and Android developer. With your help we soon will be able to ship an affordable mapping app for art works: The "DiVisual® Art-Mapper"

Please refer to our FAQ for founding members for more details about founding members benefits, investing, support and career informations.

Thank you for your support, and get ready. The "DiVisual® Art-Mapper" is coming!

Donation Thermometer

The DiVisual® Art-Mapper: iOS / Android app for mobile condition mapping of art works

Latest new - Going mobile in 2017: 

We have launched a fundraising campaign to create the most advanced mapping app for iPad and Android tablets. 

The DiVisual® Art-Mapper is soon to come

Check out our campaign site and the FAQ


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